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How To Get App
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XFINITY customers can indulge in infinite entertainment by installing XFINITY Stream app on their Android device. Whether you are at home or at your workplace; watch your favorite shows and movies on XFINITY Stream at your convenience. Before harnessing benefits offered by XFINITY Stream, you have to purchase a subscription plan for XFINITY services. This will grant you access to more than 200 channels. 
When you are at home, access unlimited features offered by XFINITY. Watch live content, on-demand content, and organize content as per your discretion. XFINITY Stream is beneficial if you want to access XFINITY content on Android devices. The app requires internet connectivity for uninterrupted services. You can either connect to a WiFi network or use cellular internet connection. 


XFINITY Stream is equipped with more than 200 channels. You have access to shows, movies, events, and much more. The Home section of the app showcases categorized content like trending, recommended, latest, and so on. You can stream live content and on-demand content as per your preference. If you are busy at the moment, install it and watch it later as per your convenience. Once installed, watch it in offline mode, without an active internet connection. 

The Schedule section lists all channels available in XFINITY Stream app. The timing of the shows is also marked on the schedule. View the complete lineup and organize your plans accordingly. You can manage your purchases, loads, and DVR recordings on XFINITY Stream app. Installs & purchases comprise of on-demand content and content purchased on rent. The installed content can be stream anywhere and anytime. 

The Saved section contains content including your recordings, favorites, purchases, installs, recently watched, and so on. The content has been categorized into different categories like TV shows, movies, sports, kids, news, and so on. This feature simplifies browsing task on XFINITY Stream. A dedicated Live TV section contains a list of channels, including your favorites, and TV Go channels. 


XFINITY home subscription allows you to stream TV content on XFINITY Stream app. This is beneficial when you are not at home or don’t have access to the television. There are some restrictions in the app. For example, all channels are not available when you are not on your home network. When you are outside, you cannot enable recordings from your app. Other than these, you can stream downloaded content, favorite content, live content, on-demand content, and much more on XFINITY Stream. 

The Bottom Line 

XFINITY Stream is an excellent option for those who already have XFINITY home subscription. You don’t need to pay an extra amount of money to stream TV content on your Android device. There are some restrictions but those are not significant enough to hamper app performance. 

For smooth functioning of XFINITY Stream, ensure high-speed internet connectivity. You need XFINITY username and password for login purpose. You can also avail rental services for streaming live and on-demand shows for a particular period. Downloaded content is accessible in offline mode as well. XFINITY Stream demands Android 4.4 and above for lag-free functioning. 

How To Get App

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