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Xfinity My Account app saves a lot of your precious time with its myriad of features and functionalities. With this app installed on your device, you can schedule your appointments with the representatives easily. Developed by Comcast Cable Corporation, LLC, the app lets you request callbacks from the representative and allows you to view the estimated time of their arrival at your doorstep. Whether you have Comcast’s digital cable, internet, landline phone or all of them, the app lets you control all of them quite easily. The app is cent percent secured too. Thus, you need not have to worry about any financial data breach during bill payment. Install the app and experience altogether a new way to control and manage the services offered by Comcast.


The app Xfinity My Account delights its users with some of the most amazing and essential features. With the help of this app, they can undertake some itsy-bitsy tasks such as changing their Comcast account password, adjusting the settings of their Wi-Fi on-the-go, etc. With this same app, the users can easily gain information about the service outages in their areas. They can even find out the service center nearby and get details about their service connection status right from their mobile device.

Further, billing is a hassle-free task when you have this app on your device. Pay your Comcast bill, view the receipt and manage your account information, and change your personal credential. With the Xfinity My Account, viewing your channel lineup included with your TV package is quite an easy affair.

There are a plenty of other features that are related to your digital cable. The app lets you program your remote control to your TV, check the status of your digital cable connection, schedule service appointments in the case of any technical issue, cancel the same and more.

Lastly, for those who have subscribed to the internet service, the app allows them to see whether or not they are connected to the internet, create calendar events for service appointments, cache data, check Wi-Fi strength and much more.


The app can be used by all those who have subscribed to any of the services offered by Comcast, and they won’t find any difficulty while using it. The app boasts of easy navigation which makes it simple for users to browse different pages and categories of the app. The user-friendly and organized interface, responsive nature of the app, and a superb user-experience make it convenient for the users to leverage the features of the app.

The Bottom Line

Comcast offers some of the top-notch services in the US. There are many who avail all of them. If you too have availed all or some of its services and looking forward to managing it with your fingertips, Xfinity My Account app is the one that you need to have on your smartphone or tablet. Whether you have subscribed to the digital cable service, internet or the landline phone, the app has features for all them. Right from paying for your service to locating the service centers and scheduling an appointment, the app lets you undertake everything right from the comfort of your place.

How To Get App

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