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Tides Near Me is a uniquely designed weather app that provides up to date information and details on all the latest tidal conditions in and around your area. Focusing on the tide stations present nearby, this app gives its users accurate updates along with all they need to know about local tidal conditions. Producing information on the last tide and the time of the next tide, it also gives information on the precise time for the next sunrise and sunset and moonrise and moonset. With this app you can be sure of when you should go for a walk on the beach, the time it is safe, depending on the tidal information that the app gives. 


The Tides Near Me app comes with a unique set of functions and features that make it super handy and convenient. Ideal for those who reside close to the beach or areas surrounding the coast, this app helps with accurate information on all that you need to do about the next tide. Loaded with all the information and details on the last tide, the app can provide information on upcoming tidal events to ensure users are safe and do not go near those areas that would be facing high tide. The app comes designed and structured with special tide tables, charts, and predictions on the next big event. This is to help its users stay connected and updated, ensuring they are aware of when would be the best and worst time to be near the beach and coastal areas. These tables and charts present in the app are updated automatically depending on the information received so that you can stay updated at all times. There is no registration or set up required to utilize the app. No payments are required to avail and get access to the full version of the app. All weather conditions and accurate tidal and current information is regularly updated for free. 


The Tides Near Me app features a clear-cut and simplistic design with a straightforward user interface that makes it easy to use. With all its features and functions listed on the main screen and all tabs well details, navigating and exploring the highlights is a breeze. The main screen lists all the recent tides with the names of the areas in which it took place. On clicking each area, users would get an in-depth detail and further information on the last tide as well as information on the next tide and the time it would take place. The app also comes with easy to understand maps with markings of locations that have been or will be affected. 

The Bottom Line 

Convenient, reliable and user-friendly, the Tides Near Me app is a must-have for those who live near coastal areas and those who visit the beach a lot. Get all the latest updates and information on tides, currents and weather conditions of beach areas in and around you to ensure you know exactly when to visit and when not to. The app gives accurate information on the last and next tide, maps with markings of areas with the high and low tide, times of high tide and low tide in various areas, etc. Free to get with access to all the features, the app is convenient for beachgoers. 

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