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Many have the habit of collecting those plastic reward cards. If you are one of them, you surely know the hassle of organizing and managing these cards. But not anymore! With this amazing Stocard app, you can easily store and organize your rewards cards at one place. It is a free app that lets you manage your reward cards with just a few taps. Because it is a free app, it doesn’t make it insecure. It offers top-notch security to your cards and all other related information. The app is not only compatible with your smartphone but it works fine on your Android Tablet or Android Smartwatch too. Digitize your cards and explore deals and discounts with the Stocard app.


There are oodles of features in the Stocard app that helps you leverage your reward cards. First, it allows you to transform all your physical reward card into a digital format. It does so by utilizing your device’s camera and scanning the code on the card. Once you are done with the scanning and storing your card, you need not have to take the card with you everywhere you go. All you need to do is show your phone screen at the cash counter and let the cashier scan the card directly from it. Convenient, isn’t it?

Further, the Stocard app allows you to add any non-present loyalty card as an ‘other loyalty card.’ With the help of this app, you can even discover exclusive coupons, deals, discounts, flyers, and circulars. All these shopping materials are related to your favorite shopping stores.

The app also comes with certain advanced feature too. There is a location-based widget in the app which uses the GPS of your device and shows you the most relevant loyalty cards based on your current location. You can even use the app to save Apple/Passbook Wallet passes. Apart from merely shopping in local stores, the app also allows you to book airline tickets. You can even use the app to purchase and present someone with a gift card.


Using the app is not just simple but fun too. There is no registration necessary. Thus, a user can start using the app just after he installs it. You need not have to feed in manually each card type in the app. This is so because there are more than 3,000 presets of discount cards available in the app. From all major loyalty cards to drugs and grocery store card, the app supports them all. On the whole, both the user experience and user-interface make the usability of the app easy and convenient.

The Bottom Line

Carrying whole of your reward card bundle to different shops and stores is no less than a cumbersome task. But what if you can digitize each of these cards? The Stocard app allows you to do this task seamlessly with just the scanning of the card. There are different features and options in the app that make your reward redeeming and shopping experience convenient and quick. However, there is a small limitation attached to the app. It uses image scanning technology. It means if the store is still on laser or flatbed scanner, it cannot scan from your device. But cons aside, the app is sure to help you in organizing your reward cards easily.

How To Get App

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