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  • Version: 1.34.05
  • Size: 36M
  • Author: Starfall Education Foundation
  • Language: English
  • Rating: 4.1
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The Starfall app makes it amazingly easy for the users to gain access to all the Starfall activities either through their smartphones or their tablets. All you need to have a cellular data plan or a Wi-Fi connection to bestow your little ones with learning activities. Whether your kids are in pre-k, first grade or second grade, there are myriad of activities for them. When you install the app and properly set up everything, you can introduce your kids to activities related to various disciplines viz. Math, English, etc. Apart from disciplines, the app covers a slew of different topics and categories, for instance, colors, music, rhymes, etc. Install the app now and make your little one smarter and sharper.


With numerous features that help in learnings, the app is the first choice for many parents and kids. There are math songs activities that have been integrated into the app. These songs help in learning numbers and other math-related aspects. Further, there are also activities that are related to numbers and counting. The app also takes the learning a notch higher and introduce the kids to geometry and measurement, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and subtraction. Apart from math, the app also helps in learning letters and about colors.

It is necessary that the people learn to read right from a nascent stage. The developers behind the app fathom the fact and thus provide a talking library into the app along with other learn to read features. Apart from those above, various other features make the learning fun and entertaining. Some of these features include Backpack Bear’s Books, Nursery Rhymes, ABC Rhymes, Historical Folk Songs, Motion Songs, etc.

All these features of the app help the little ones learn through exploration. When they are introduced to the app and these features, they get a chance to learn in an environment of fun, amusement, collaboration and play.


As mentioned before, the target audience of the app is students from Pre-K, first grade, and second grade. Thus, the usability and convenience of the using the app has been kept amazingly simple. The vector figures, the cartoonish icons, and a jolly app’s interface appeal the children and make the navigation for them a piece of cake. When it comes to lessons and learning courses, they have been made colorful and elegant to make the learning fun for the kids.

The Bottom Line

The Starfall Education Foundation is a publicly supported non-profit organization that strives to create low-cost or even free experiences to make the children learn with fun. In this endeavor, they introduce the kids to this elegant yet powerful learning resource called Starfall app. It comes packed with plenty of lessons and activities from different disciplines. All these tasks are quite interesting to undertake, and the kids do not find them mundane at all. On the whole, the Starfall app teaches through positive reinforcement, thereby ensuring that the little ones learn the concepts confidently.

How To Get App

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