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If you love music and adore listening to radio stations, then Simple Radio is the app that you need to have on your smartphone. It is the simplest way to listen to all your favorite radio stations. Be it the FM Radio stations, AM Radio Stations, Internet Radio or free radio stations, the app has it all to entertain and amuse you. There are a large number of radio stations that are available to you through the app and finding them is a hassle-free task. And guess what! The radio stations are not just limited to a specific country or region. You can listen to a large number of radio channels from all over the world. A simplified radio experience awaits you with the Simple Radio app.


A plenitude of features and functionalities integrated into the Simple Radio app make it a preferred choice for many radio lovers. There are over 30,000 radio stations in the app that one can listen to. One can even explore various other channels from different regions of the world. The app’s uniqueness is defined by the presence of online radio and radio tuners of yore. Though there are oodles of radio stations in the app but they all have been bifurcated properly. In fact, one can search the radio stations based on genres such as pop radio stations, news radio stations, sports stations, etc. The search feature also allows the users to look for radio stations based on country, state, city, and even format.

Whether you wish to listen to Christian Radio, Radios Latinas, Radios Mexicanas, NPR Radio or BBC Radio, you can do it all with the help of this app. If there are certain radio channels that you listen to frequently, you can simply save them under your ‘favorites.’ There are no buffering and interruptions when you listen to the stations. All you come across is a seamless experience when you start using Simple Radio app.


Simple Radio boasts of a clean user interface that helps you in tuning to your favorite radio stations ASAP. With the app, you also get one-tap access to all your favorite radio stations which makes it hassle-free to reach out to your most loved radio station. There are more than 5 million listeners on the app every month. Based on the suggestions and feedback on most of them, the team behind the app optimizes it regularly for a better user experience and easy usability.

The Bottom Line

Published & copyrighted by Streema, Inc., the Simple Radio app provides you the convenience of listening to your favorite radio station from anywhere. Whether you wish to tune into American radio stations or want to listen to the radio stations of Mexico, everything is at your fingertips. Keep the hassle of searching for your favorite radio station frequently at bay with the amazing Favorite section of the app. The fantastic organization of the app further makes it easy to find your radio station. In case, you can’t find one or want a new radio station on the list, the team behind the app is all ears. Experience unmatched level of stability and reliability with the Simple Radio app.

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