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There are different types of artists in the world. Some write well, some mesmerize others with their voice. Then comes those who love to paint. They consider the whole world as their inspiration and always look for a canvas to draw their imagination. However, to carry a canvas and color palette always with you is quite a troublesome task. But what if you can do the same digitally? The Paint app now makes the same possible. Packed with all the essential painting tools and features, it allows you to put on canvas your creativity and imagination. Right from brushes to shapes, the app offers everything that could result in a perfect painting. Paint on-the-go with this amazing Paint app.


When it comes to apps and software related to painting, it is imperative that they have all the essential and artistic tools and options. Only with the presence of these functions, options, and features, an artist can deliver top-notch work. The Paint app fathoms the fact quite well and thus, it offers all the necessary features to its users.

The first and basic feature of the app is the line drawing. Whether you wish to draw a vertical line, horizontal line or a diagonal one, you can do it all with the help of this app. Further, if you are looking forward to drawing certain shapes viz. Squares or Rectangles, you can undertake the same with the help of this Paint app. There are times when you need to add text to your artistic creation. It could be your name or a description of your art. There is a text feature that has been integrated into the app. You can use it to add text, change its position, size, fonts, color, etc.

With the paint bucket feature of the app, you can color the whole of the canvas in an instant. There are also options to change the canvas size, save it to your mobile device, load it again, etc.


Using the app is not just convenient and easy, but it is a lot of fun. On successfully installing and opening the app, all you get to see is a blank canvas along with features and options placed on the side. The interface has been so designed that the highlights do not come in the way of users and spoil their painting experience. The features have been denoted by vectors which are easy to understand. All in all, painting is quite fun with the Paint app.

The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, painting relieves the stress and infuses the individual with positivity and contentment. With the Paint app, they can experience the joy of painting wherever they go. The app is available for free and offers a plenty of essential features to blow life to every painting made by the user. Whether you look forward to making a painting based on shapes, brush or lines, you can do it all with this app. Once you are satisfied with what you have made, you can save it easily to your phone. You can even load any of your images from the phone to give it an artistic touch. Give wings to your creativity and visualization with the Paint app now!

How To Get App

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