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This app is a perfect blend of innovation and stunning features that come in handy for every smartphone user. The essential preface behind the application is that it offers you a free method for effectively reflecting your Android telephone or tablet screen to a PC.

The setup is fairly simple as well; just install the Android application, get the PC application and utilize the PC application or even the Mobizen Website to synchronize the two devices. In case there are problems while getting work done, there is a help section area on the site to smoothly operate the app. Connect the devices to WiFi because the app works well only with LTE connections or Wi-Fi connections.


The Mobizen Screen Recording App has multiple purposes and features. The features make it popular among youngsters who find it convenient to get the most with minimum use of wires. The application offers one of the easiest ways to record and share screenshots and mobile screen recordings. Furthermore, this app is very effective as a presentation tool where it allows you to mirror your mobile onto a larger screen with ease. It has tools like on-screen drawing which only adds to the effectiveness of the app.

If you have connected your smartphone to your PC using this app, you can receive all the notifications on your PC, and you can choose the ones you want to respond to. With the addition to this, you can easily stream music and videos on your computer and transfer of files is almost obsolete with this new generation app as you can easily stream any mobile multimedia to a large screen. To transfer files such as photos and other media from your personal computer to your smartphone or vice versa, all you have to do is drag and drop using the mouse.


This app is particularly helpful for the YouTube gamers who wish to share their gaming actions to their fans. It is also so much more comfortable and better to give reviews of games and apps while using them and recording the actions. Doing this may create a bit of a lag because of the data it uses, but the perks outweigh these minor negative issues. You need an operating system that is not older than OS 4.4 to use this on your smartphones.

The Bottom Line

All of the features of the app are outstanding, and the ability to drag and drop files is the most convenient of them all. The one feature that stands out the most is the screen recording. You can record your actions while playing a game or simply using any app or viewing a video. Screen recording is nothing new but to do it otherwise you need to root your phone and also require a lot of technical knowledge. This app enables people with minimum technical knowledge to record their screen actions as well. The best part about the app is that it is completely free and everyone should use it now before the creators start charging the fee this wonderful app deserves!

How To Get App

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