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  • Version: 2.65.84
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  • Author: Lexia Learning
  • Language: English
  • Rating: 4.2
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With schools now incorporating technology into their classrooms, the Lexia Reading Core5 app is an essential part of education for students in grades pre-K through to 5. The app is designed to deliver regular reading exercises that follow the norms of school standards. Students can enhance their reading capabilities through various devices such as smartphones, tablets, desktops, and more. With immediate corrective feedback, students can learn the right way while reading itself. The app is beneficial in building a strong foundation for all students through both reading and listening activities. One of the most significant plus points Lexia Reading Core5 brings to the table is that it allows the student to choose the path which he or she wishes to take to continue with their reading enhancements.


Built for students from grade pre-K to 5, the Lexia Reading Core5 app delivers a clean and simplistic experience when it comes to everyday reading activities. The program doesn't interrupt the set by the institution and makes it easier for students to take tests. Every student is automatically designated to a particular level according to their grade, level of understanding, and other factors. Students can use the app on Android supported devices, from web browsers, or even desktop computers registered with the program. The app features an immediate corrective function that helps students learn while reading. It helps them advance to higher levels quicker and more efficiently. Lexia Reading Core5 delivers a domain specific as well as an academic specific vocabulary experience to help students comprehend faster and better their reading capabilities. Every student gets to choose the learning path they wish to take. Every path follows rigid academic standards including the Common Core State Standards which is renowned around the world. Teachers are provided with action plans based on individual student's performances. This helps them direct instructions better and target the weak points for students. Through the program, teachers can assess the progress of each student from the time they start using it until the end of the year, which helps them work with the students more efficiently.


With the Lexia Reading Core5 app incorporated into the majority of the schools, students and teachers can now work together to help enhance the reading capabilities in the classroom. It is an easy to use program that encourages students from grade 5 and lower to take reading seriously and helps them better their skills. Teachers can log in to track the progress of students and set programs according to their respective capabilities. Students too can choose the path of learning which ensures they get to the level they want.

The Bottom Line

Lexia Reading Core5 is one of the biggest and most used reading programs in schools and other educational institutions around the world. It delivers a never before seen experience for both students as well as teachers. The app’s user-friendly interface keeps students interested in efficiently enhancing their reading skills through easy to follow directions and exciting tests. Given the fact that the app follows all the educational standards strictly, students get the best learning experience from anywhere and at any time. Although the program isn't available for personal use yet and is solely designed for school use, interested people can purchase the licenses directly from the website and partake in the learning process.

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