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KineMaster Pro Video Editor is a professional video editor which can be used for both mobile phones as well as computers by supporting multiple images, texts and video with features like cutting and trimming of the video, precise volume control, multi-track audio, 3D transitions in the video along with the colour effects for the images. This application can be used by both professionals as well as amateurs giving them the entire to liberty to cut, copy and paste the video according to their suitability.

KineMaster Pro Video Editor impressive features, making it one of the best applications used amongst various users which include short film producers, YouTube creators, and other professionals to make videos in a quick and an efficient way.


The KineMaster Pro Video Editor has many features in it so as to make it one of the best video editing applications amongst its users. Firstly, as soon as the person opens the application, the user can find multiple layers for videos, images, texts to be written in the videos along with a variety of stickers which are free of cost. Once the user, creates the video, the user can then edit it according to their requirement. The editing can be done with tools such as trimming, slicing and splicing that can be found in this application. These tools allow the user to create a polished video rather than something sub-standard. The various tools help you to attain a high quality of your videos.

Enhancement of images is done by using various filters like contrast, brightness, saturation, sharpness and smoothness giving a refined definition to the image. The person can also add a song to this video through mobile by making use of songs application or can also select songs according to the one provided within the application where basic songs for birthdays and anniversaries are provided. After the addition of the song, the pace of the video can be chosen to be fast or slow or medium depending on the kind of video needed with 3D transition effects.


The Pro Video Editor can be used by anyone as is quite simple to install without causing any kind of commotion by any user either being a professional or an amateur.  KineMaster application can be got from on the mobile phones from the Google Play Store. The app allows you to create videos on the go. With the help of an internet connection, the videos can be uploaded onto YouTube, Google+, Facebook and Instagram as it supports both iOS devices as well as the latest Android version making the users enjoy the best editing performance by giving each person a complete satisfaction.

The Bottom Line

Before heading a start on making and editing videos through KineMaster make sure that all the images that are going to be used should either be in JPEG, GIF or PNG format along with the audio in MP3, AAC and MP4 format so that the videos can be made easily without causing any kind of trouble during the transfer of files from one format to another. So, give the best birthday, anniversary or any celebration video by using this amazing KineMaster Pro Video Editor application.

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