• Version: 1.0.1
  • Size: 12M
  • Author: JibJab Bros. Studios
  • Language: English
  • Rating: 3.8
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Unlike any other communication app, the JibJab Messenger is a unique tool that allows its users to utilize an array of fun and creative animations to help express themselves better. Loaded with a wide range of gif images and funny animated stickers, this app is an innovative platform that is easy to use. Allowing you to click selfies and real-time images, the app comes with an amusing feature that adds these clicked images to gifs along with special background sounds and effects to create customized gifs. Exciting and humorous, the app allows its users to share their creations with their friends and family via a range of different social media platforms. Incredibly entertaining and inventive, the app helps to bring out your expressive side.


The JibJab messenger is one of the most fun and entertaining ways to express yourself while communicating with your loved ones. Known for its creative and artistic functions, this GIF messaging app is utilized by people all over the world. Designed and crafted with an exciting set of features, it is super easy to explore and navigate through. To utilize the app, users must create individual accounts by registering via their personal email address or by linking the app to their Facebook ID. Once the account is set up, you are ready to use the app. Start by clicking a selfie or by selecting an image from your photo gallery present on your mobile phone. Then choose from an assortment of different GIF images and animations that you would like to add to your image. Here users can also add their friends and loved one's faces to their pictures. Once the image is ready and you are satisfied, you can add in background sound, text, cute stickers and GIFs to accentuate your image further. Once your masterpiece is ready, you can share this image on all listed social media platforms on the app, directly via the app itself.


The JibJab Messenger app allows users to create hilarious customized images and animations, which they can share with their loved ones and friends. The app comes with a simple, straightforward design and user interface with all its features and functions well detailed and easy to understand. Each option is listed on different screens, and the user is guided through every step to make sure they realize what they must do next. Packed with entertaining features, the app does disappoint as it requires a special membership to get access to the full version.

The Bottom Line

The JibJab Messenger is a creative, innovative messaging app that allows users to customize and personalize their e-cards, images and GIF animations with their face added to it. With this app, you can add that extra personality to the way you express yourself. By adding your face and the faces of your friends and loved ones, to the inbuilt GIF images and animated stickers,  you can create your masterpieces which you can share with your loved ones via various social media platforms. Free to install, the app comes with a set of great features, however, to gain complete access to a wide variety of over 1000 GIFs and more, there is a subscription that is required.

How To Get App

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