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Having a personal trainer while working out or an assistant to help you with work seems like more of a luxury - one which not all of us can afford. The HPlus Watch app is something you can afford and assists you in every way possible. From making calls to setting your daily goals in the gym, this impressive app helps you stay in shape and stay connected - from your wrist. It is compatible with most Android Wear devices and other smartwatches that run on the Android platform. It even works on iOS run gadgets such as the Apple Watch. The app is user-friendly and delivers all the necessary information you need while working out or while you're away from your mobile device.


Being a dominant Android app, the HPlus Watch app comes with a plethora of features and functionality options that make it one of the best in its category. For starters, the app displays the time, and you can customize the format in the settings menu of the app. Like all health and fitness apps, this app provides information about the steps you take in a day and encourages you to set and achieve targets on a daily basis. In the same feature, you get the distance covered as well as the number of calories burned while taking those steps.

This helps you stay focused and determined. Along with this, you get a sleep tracker that tells you exactly how many hours of sleep you got and what was the quality of the sleep through the night. Another important feature is the heart rate sensor that gives you real-time data about your heart rate as you walk, run, workout, and more. You can also set alarms on the app and set notifications to help you exercise on time. Through the app, you can even get notifications for incoming calls, emails, messages, and social media related notifications as well from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.


The HPus Watch app takes pride in its user-friendly interface. Unlike other fitness apps, HPlus Watch lets you customize and use all the features available with ease. There are no complicated procedures involved. If you wish to change the format of the clock, you just tap on it and choose the format. If you want to change the unit of measurement from metric to imperial, you touch on it and select the one you want. Similarly, all the other features come with options that require no more than a tap to activate or deactivate.

The Bottom Line

In a world where fitness is becoming more recognized, the HPlus Watch app goes a long way in helping us stay focused and determined with our workout routines. By providing information on steps, distance, calories burned, heart rate, sleep, and more, you can always be aware of how your exercise is affecting your body. But apart from just focusing on health and fitness, the HPlus Watch app lets you stay connected on-the-go - even when your phone is at home or in your bag or pocket. You can check incoming emails, messages, notifications from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more without having to reach for your phone. It is an overall helpful app that covers both fitness and connectivity functions.

How To Get App

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