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The Google Translate app is a handy translation tool that can translate all kinds of text content and websites into over 100 different languages. Officially launched in 2007, this app has more than 200 million users in a single month. The app automatically analyses your text and translates the grammar of one particular language into any other selected language digitally. The app comes designed with a set of useful and convenient features that are ideal for those users who travel a lot and who require professional help with translating languages. The new and improved app comes with a unique conversation mode that allows voice translations, making it easy for those who are unable to type. Free to utilize and user-friendly, Google Translate is a must-have tool for tourists.


The Google Translate app comes with a set of great features and functionalities, making it one of the best translating apps of its kind. The apps key features include its unique conversation mode that automatically translates up to 2 voices into 50 different languages. Type your text or copy text to the app and the app automatically gives you the translation in the language of your choice. It also features an offline mode that can translate to up to 59 languages. Another great option is the camera translation wherein users can translate text by simply focusing their camera on any foreign text to instantly translate it. The camera mode can translate to up to 38 different languages. The conversation mode which feels like a human translator is standing beside you, translates speech to up to 32 languages. Another beneficial feature includes providing information on famous landmarks by simply clicking a picture of any sign or logo of a building etc. It also comes with SMS text message translation, translation of drawing and cursive writing, text scanning, and much more. What makes it even better is the app saves your old translations in the history section and allows users to flag any content that you might need later.


Ideal for those who require professional help with translations, for those who travel across the globe a lot and for tourists, the Google Translate app is a handy tool that is extremely convenient and easy to use. It also helps children with learning different languages especially those who choose to learn an additional language at school. Designed with a straightforward and simplistic user interface and outlook, the app is easy to navigate and utilize. Feature two windows, one which needs a text input and the other which shows the translated text, it also comes with a speaker tab that can be used to translate voice, and a camera tab to scan text or translate text in an image. The app also gives its users the option of installing additional language packs for offline use, but the offline translations and available in most popular languages.

The Bottom Line

The Google Translate app is an extremely useful translating platform that helps users with quick and efficient translations between over a 100 different popular languages all across the globe. Convenient and user-friendly, this app is a free platform that is loaded with great features and functions to help tourists, travelers, and those who are on vacation in a foreign country with simple and easy to understand text and voice translations. Thanks to its handy features, users can utilize the app to scan text, translate SMS, scan images, and translate voice and much more with just a few taps.

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