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 Make your drives convenient and economical with the assistance of GasBuddy, a fuel comparison platform that identifies the nearest gas station offering fuel at the most reasonable price. Based on your current location, GasBuddy performs an extensive search in the circumscribed area to locate gas stations. These stations are categorized according to various parameters, gas prices being the most prominent. With this mechanism, you can save up to $340 per year.

In addition to these, participate in weekly and monthly challenges, enter into daily draws to win $100, read & write reviews, and much more. For an economical and safe drive, GasBuddy utilizes motion detection sensor. This assists in responsible driving, thereby, saving fuel. Keep yourself engaged in the community by participating in various activities.


Locating the gas stations is not an issue anymore. GasBuddy scans all gas stations in your proximity and furnishes complete details about them. You can analyze various parameters and visit a suitable station. The app will furnish the lowest and the highest gas price. Use GasBuddy regularly to save a hefty amount of money in a year. In addition to gas prices, you can filter your search on the basis of amenities, user reviews, company, distance, restaurants, facilities, and much more.

Before proceeding with the purchase, check out user reviews. This will be beneficial in determining the service quality at the gas station. When you visit a gas station, add a review stating your experience. This will help other visitors while reviewing the gas station. Further, you can climb up the ranks in the community with your active participation. Set up price alerts on GasBuddy so that you can refill fuel tank before the prices surge.

GasBuddy facilitates massive savings via different methods. On first fill-up, save up to 15 cents per gallon and from next fill-up, save up to 5 cents per gallon. Participate in daily, weekly, and monthly challenges to win lucrative prizes and achievements. Daily draws are held at GasBuddy where you stand a chance to win $100.


Who doesn’t like to save money? As gas refilling is a necessity, you cannot avoid the expenses. With GasBuddy by your side, you get an opportunity to save up to $340 per year. If your priority is saving money, GasBuddy is highly recommended. The scope of savings further elevates as you get a chance to participate in challenges and daily draws. GasBuddy is not just about fuel. You can access various amenities and facilities by scrutinizing gas stations on the basis of various filters.

The Bottom Line

If you reside in the USA, Canada, or Australia, install GasBuddy on your smartphone. Whenever and wherever you are, GasBuddy will list all the gas stations in your vicinity. Depending on the price and available facilities, select a feasible gas station. Read and write reviews to highlight services offered at gas stations. Each time you refill fuel tank, you will save money.

Community participation and challenges engage users. Customize alerts to know the price fluctuations in the gas segment. GasBuddy doesn’t charge a penny for installation. However, it displays advertisements. The app works seamlessly with devices running on Android and iOS.

How To Get App

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