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If you have a Roku Streaming Player or Roku Smart TV at your place and let's say, you have lost its remote control or the battery of the remote control is all dead, all you need to do is install RoByte. It is a free remote controller for all your Roku devices, and it offers amazing control functionalities to you. Installing the app is a walk in the park, and you do not have to come across any hassle of setting up your Roku device on your mobile device. It scans for your devices automatically and helps you in getting started quickly. However, do note that RoByte app can connect only when you are on the same Wi-Fi network as your Roku device is. Enhance your entertainment quotient with this free Roku remote controller.


There are a large number of features as well as functionalities that have been packed into the RoByte app. The basic functionality of the app is that it turns your smartphone or smart device into a Roku remote.  It scans for your Roku device automatically and offers you an easy channel switcher. Further, you can use your smart devices’ keyboard for superfast text entry and even voice entry for some of the premium channels like Netflix or Hulu. You can pair the app with more than one Roku devices easily and you won't come across any hassle of setting up these devices separately.

The app also has to offer customizable widgets that transform your Android home screen into a Roku remote. In case, you have a Wi-Fi connection that sleeps after some time, then the app offers you an option to prevent the same. Play button, pause button, fast forward button, and rewind button are some of the basic features that have been incorporated into the app. Because the app has been made responsive, you can use it from a large number of devices that are powered by the Android operating system.


Using the app is quite a simple affair. The app is compatible with a large number of devices viz. smartphone, tablet, and smartwatch. Thus, you can control your Roku devices from the gadget that you like the most.  The app also allows you to navigate using the D-pad or swipe-pad easily. No additional setup and automatically recognizing the device make it amazingly simple for the users to use the app. In case, if they come across any glitch or bug, they can get rid of the same by simply reinstalling the RoByte app.

The Bottom Line

With the RoByte app installed on your mobile device, you need not have to worry about controlling your Roku devices anymore. The app allows you to control your Roku device right from your smart device seamlessly. Whether you wish to change the channel, adjust the volume, or play the content, pause it or just fast forward it, you can undertake all from your device. With the app, you keep all the hassle of additional setup at bay. Because the app recognizes your Roku device in an instant, it becomes amazingly easy and quick for you to leverage its functionalities. With RoByte, Roku devices control is at your fingertips.

How To Get App

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