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Catch up on the latest happenings in the USA, and around the world, by installing Fox News app on your smartphone. The app grants you access to various Fox entities like Fox News Channel, Fox News Go, Fox Business Network, and others. The news has been categorized into various sections depending on nature and format. If you prefer videos, check out video news section.

Various shows are broadcasted on Fox News app in multiple categories like sports, politics, national, international, finance, and so on. For avid readers, a designated opinions section furnishes articles written by authoritative intellectuals. The inbuilt social media handles let you share a piece of content with your contacts. Customize notifications to get alerts regarding news updates.


Get access to live video telecasts on Fox News app, irrespective of your location. You just need a high-speed internet connection and a valid cable TV subscription to watch live news streaming. Whether it’s sports or a political event; you are entitled to watch live coverage on Fox News app. The Breaking News section keeps on scrolling headlines related to the latest happenings anywhere around the globe. Get updates every second, highlighting even the minutest details.

The Opinion section provides deeper insights to the users. Fox News app has a designated section on opinions and editorials. The renowned and qualified writers submit content for this section. You can analyze a situation in a broader perspective if you have access to the opinions. Stories intrigue everyone. Read exciting real-life stories about people, businesses, natural phenomena’s, case studies, and so on. Fox News is regularly updated with engaging content.

Fox News app broadcasts shows featuring your favorite anchors. Check out the show timings and watch the telecast anytime and anywhere. Fox News app incorporates both live and on-demand content. The Trending section highlights news that is creating worldwide sensations. In addition to videos, visual content is available in the form slide shows and graphics content.


Keeping yourself aware of the current happenings is an unavoidable task. Your business or current job profile may experience a direct impact due to latest government policies. Therefore, you should subscribe to latest news updates available on Fox News app. Since news is categorized into various sections like entertainment, politics, sports, economics, and so on; you can streamline your preferences accordingly. Fox News features various formats like videos, audios, slideshows, articles, blog posts, and so on. The live telecast and on-demand content are successful in attracting users towards Fox News.

The Bottom Line

Fox News is a reliable source of news. You can bestow your trust upon Fox News app for confronting yourself with the latest news. The in-depth articles published on Fox News depict the proficiency of the reporters. Various news sections, different news formats, and flexible telecast timings compel users to install Fox News app on their smartphone.

You need a reliable internet connection and cable TV subscription for watching live content on Fox News app. The interface is flooded with news. Initially, it might appear confusing to you. Fox News is available for both iOS and Android smartphones. Some features and app interface may differ depending on the OS version.

How To Get App

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