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If you love sharing your life’s moment on social platforms, then Flipagram is the app that you need to have on your smart device. Whether you wish to share a video or a photo slideshow, the app lets you do it all. Above all, with its myriad of effects, free-to-use music, and amazing stickers, you can enhance the elegance quotient of your media by leaps and bounds. The app also has amazing filters that let you make some super cool ‘Flips.’ Other than sharing your content, you can even have a look at the flips shared by other users of the app. Stich together your best memories, share it on the app and climb the ladder to be known as the top Flip creator. Discover fun with the Flipagram app now!


Tons of features make the Flipagram app the first love of creative minds, entertainers, and all those who wish to share their lives’ moments in the best possible way. You can upload your best pictures to the app and combine them to make a photo slideshow. The app offers effects and filters to make your slideshow appealing. You can even add text and background score to your slideshow before sharing it with the world. You can leverage similar features when it comes to videos. You can either upload your videos from phone’s storage or shoot them from the app’s camera. There are also lipsync and dubs that you can make using the in-app camera.

Other than uploading your content on Flipagram, you can share the same on various other social media platforms directly from the interface. Some of these social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

Finding the content uploaded by others is quite an easy task. You can even personalize your feed based on your interest, like, taste, and preference. There are competitions that the app organizes from time to time. Compete with them to win prizes. Celebrate merry moments and keep yourself entertained as you upload your memories on the Flipagram app.


Flipagram is an entertainment app aimed at amusing people. Whether you are an uploader or just wish to see the content uploaded by others, you won’t come across any difficulty in using the app. Right from uploading the images/videos to publishing it on the app, everything takes places in steps. When it comes to taking part in the challenges, the app explains everything precisely. The user-friendly interface with a top-notch user-experience further add to the easy and convenient usability of the app.

The Bottom Line

Want to be a superstar? The Flipagram is here to make your dream come true. Upload your pictures and videos, fuse them with the stickers, music, and filters offered by the app, and publish it on the app. Let your unique content or life’s memories help you get more and more followers. There are various other things that you can undertake with the help of the app. You can personalize your feed, play with the privacy settings, change your username, change display picture and much more. Showcase your creative side to the whole of the world with the Flipagram app

How To Get App

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