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Optimize storage memory in Android smartphones by weeding out unnecessary apps. Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall is a tool that can analyze apps and assist you in eliminating memory-consuming apps and tools. There are certain apps that consume excessive memory and some of them run hidden processes without your knowledge. This app terminates these processes, freeing up space.

Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall is not just about uninstalling an app. It keeps your device functional by scanning and weeding out malware as well. It organizes storage memory by moving app data from device storage to the memory card. Most of the users are unaware of cache files that accumulate over a period. The app detects them and ensures their timely removal.


The foremost task of Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall is scanning your smartphone completely to detect all apps and background processes. After scanning, it analyzes the performance of these apps. Based on visible parameters, users can take appropriate decisions. Remove apps that are not used at all or used frequently. If some apps consume extensive system memory, you can weed it out, and install an alternate app.

There is a provision of batch uninstall. Select multiple apps and uninstall them at once. Fast Uninstall feature lets you manage apps with just a single click. Sort apps based on various filters like ascending & descending order, name, version, size, and so on. Piled up cache files are a menace for a device. The app detects cache files and asks users for periodic removal of these files. You can also launch and share apps from Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall interface.

Manage notifications and settings to customize app functioning according to your convenience. The Antivirus, supported by TrustLook, prevents malware from fiddling with the device functioning. It notifies about malicious apps and websites. App2SD feature allocates and manages memory so that optimum storage space is available on your device. Access Google Market from Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall interface to shop & install Android apps.


Users are seldom aware of the implications of installing an app. The app functioning generates cache files, hidden background processes, malware, etc. These can considerably hamper device performance. Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall app comes to your rescue in this case. You can use this app for managing apps on your device. The app will terminate background processes, furnish complete information of apps, block & remove malware, clean cache memory, and much more. Keep your device sorted and updated by using Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall.

The Bottom Line

While using Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall, we were able to detect complete information about apps and background processes. If you feel your device is stuttering or not performing as per expectation, we recommend installing this app. Thorough analysis and effective management of apps are the highlights of Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall.

The performance of this app is further enhanced due to the incorporation of antivirus and battery usage tracker. As of now, Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall is available for Android smartphones. Generally, it works smoothly with all Android devices burdened due to poor app management. The app version varies according to Android OS version and technical specification of your smartphone.

How To Get App

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