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How To Get App
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Cortana on your smartphone or smart device is no less than your friend or companion. Based on the artificial intelligence technology, the app helps you a lot in your daily tasks viz. reminding you about an appointment, alerting you about traffic and much more. Apart from keeping track of all your important stuff, the Cortana app listens to your voice queries and responds to the same immediately.

For easy and instant access to the app, one can place it in various places, for instance, home screen, lock screen, etc. And do note that because it’s a product from Microsoft, it doesn’t make it compatible with only Microsoft smart devices. It works amazingly well on your Android and iOS devices too. Have this intelligent and sharp personal assistant on your smart device now!


The Cortana app comes packed with some of the most unusual and interesting features that are a sheer delight to the users. It keeps you abreast of your surroundings with its latest news stories. You can have a look at all the news and even personalize them based on your interest, like, and preference. Further, the app helps you track flights and even significant incoming packages. The app also comes packed with a fantastic calendar awareness option for the user. And guess what! There is an amazing traffic alert feature in the app. In case, you wish to leave early from your place to somewhere, and there is traffic on the road, Cortana is here to help you out.

The Cortana app surprises the users with a feature of reminders. Now, do note that unlike other reminder apps, these reminders are based on your location. So, let’s say, for example, if you are somewhere around a car washing store, the app will remind you to get your car wash done. Or let’s say you are around a grocery store, the app will remind you about purchasing grocery items. Other than location, the reminder feature reminds you by your commitment too. It means that the app will remind you about a promise that you have made over emails.


Initially, you may find using the app a bit difficult and tricky owing to the presence of a large number of features and functionalities. However, this difficulty doesn’t remain last when you use the app for a couple of times. It is so because you get used to the app and its features after using it for some time. But it is noteworthy that there are no technicalities involved in using the app. Even when you are completely new to the app, you won’t find using the app as rocket science.

The Bottom Line

Leverage the power of Windows’ AI in the form of Cortana on your smartphones and smart devices that are powered by Android or iOS operating systems. With this app on your device, you never miss an appointment, shopping item, news story, weather or traffic updates. All it takes is your voice to command Cortana and get your work done. Smart recommendations, smart reminders, and many such top-notch functionalities make the app a preferred choice for many. So, how about experiencing a cross-platform artificial intelligence-based solution? Install Cortana on your device and harness its power today!

How To Get App

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