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Stay connected and well informed about all the happenings taking place across the globe with the help of the CNN Breaking US & World News app. This news app is a useful platform that keeps its users constantly updated with all local and international events and news. Considered as one of the most popular news channels in the US, CNN has introduced a mobile app that provides its users with all the latest updates, broadcasts, weather updates, sports news, video content, special reports and much more. Users are exposed to events taking place all over the world thanks to the apps unique video news section. It also comes with an alert function that notifies users of any event taking place locally.


The CNN Breaking US & World News app is a beneficial mobile platform that keeps its users connected with the rest of the world. Much more convenient and efficient, the app is a faster solution to searching for the latest news rather than checking for information and details via your browser. With a range of different content, tabs and features, the app gives you the latest breaking news updates, headlines, photographs and video content to help enhance your experience. Thanks to its customized notification and alert settings, users can adjust and select the news they would like to be notified about. With this handy app users can watch CNN live, anytime, on-the-go. The app also broadcasts its special shows and original CNN series like “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” and more as well as some great CNN films. All articles and news reports and written by professional article and news writers, giving users information that is easy to understand. The app comes with a useful “save” function that allows users to save any article or video that has caught their eye so that they can watch or read it later. You can also share content via social media with your friends and family, as well as comment and add your personal opinion on any content.


The CNN Breaking US & World News app is a user-friendly, convenient and reliable news app that does not require any registration in order to view the latest news updates. Uniquely designed and structured with an intuitive user interface, navigating the app and locating its different categories, etc., is extremely simple and easy. To make things even easier, users can enable their notifications and alerts, allowing the app to send you all the latest information without you having to search the app. The app also provides updated weather information and forecast and informs you of any upcoming events. What makes it even better is its widget option that can be activated to show up on your lock screen, where users can check the latest without unlocking their phone.

The Bottom Line

For those who are news fanatics and who would like to constantly stay updated to all the latest happenings all across the globe, then the CNN Breaking US & World News app is the perfect choice for you. Stay connected with the rest of the world via uniquely written articles, news reports, video clips, weather updates, photo galleries and much more. Not only does this app give you breaking news but keeps you notified via alerts on the weather and any upcoming events locally. Loaded with a set of beneficial features, the app is a convenient, efficient and high performing app that is definitely one of the best of its kind.

How To Get App

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