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Class Dojo is an app for communication in the classroom between the teachers and the students. Teachers, parents, and students can use it to share photos and videos about the school days. This app enables them to work as a team and share the classroom experiences with the others.

This helps to incorporate ideas into the classroom and homes that will enhance the learning of a student. The main aim of this app is to provide a platform for the teachers and parents to create an incredible classroom. It helps transform education for every student in the world by connecting teachers, parents, and students in as many classrooms as possible where they may exchange ideas and work together to bring out the best system of education.


The product has four main elements through which the features of this app can be easily explained. Classroom feature is one such section. As the name suggests, this is the space where the teachers and students work on their classroom ethics and culture. They build skills and values like creativity and teamwork. Feedback on the progress can be shared here for improvement. This basically serves the purpose to help the students and teachers to build an excellent classroom culture.

This app allows the participants like the teachers, parents and the appointed leader of the students to contact each other without sharing any information such as a number or email address. The messages here can be translated into 35 different languages to overcome the language barrier. There is also a feature called ‘Quiet Time’ which tells the parents or students that a particular teacher is not available during that period.

The application supports stories. The pictures and videos that instantly update from the school day are called stories. Each classroom and student has their own stories which are shared with the parents at home to keep them in the loop. This enables the teachers to connect with families and the student to keep track of what they have learned. Furthermore, the app gives simple ways and ideas to help students learn important concepts and skills in a creative way.


Class Dojo is a beautifully safe app that allows simple communication between teachers, students and parents. The parents are involved in all classroom activity and can get a daily report on their child’s performance. It is safe for teachers to instantly message any parent regarding any concern. It is free for everyone to use and is currently being accessed by teachers, students and parents in over 180 countries. It is highly compatible with all devices and works on tablets, phones, computers and smart boards as well.

The Bottom Line

There is no such thing as an ideal classroom, and not one model of the classroom is best for everyone. Teachers, students and parents should be able to make a space that is best suited to their needs and requirements. This app gives simple ways to bring about big changes in the life of every student and makes work easier and interesting for the students. Education can only be transformed when the three pillars, i.e. students, teachers and parents, come together to bring about changes. They have original videos made in partnership with Stanford and Harvard to help skill development in children. These videos have been viewed by most kids in the U.S.

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