Citrix Receiver

  • Version: 3.11
  • Size: 17M
  • Author: Citrix Systems, Inc
  • Language: English
  • Rating: 3.3
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With the Citrix Receiver app, accessing desktop and virtual applications anytime and anywhere is simple and hassle-free. The app lends a helping hand when you wish to access your workplace computer on your smart device. All you need to do is get in touch with your IT department to get started. Apart from mere accessing your desktop and documents, you can gain an access and control of your emails and other corporate applications. Some of these applications include Internet Explorer, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, etc. Whether you are at your home or at a location far away from your workplace, the app makes accessing your files, data, and applications installed on your office system an easy affair. With the Citrix Receiver app, the work must go on!


The Citrix Receiver app allows you to work on your favorite device from anywhere. Whether you wish to access your emails or applications that rest on your office computer system, you can do the same with the help of this app.

The app also boasts of a location and sensor virtual channel. This channel allows the receiver to redirect sensor information to all those applications that are running on the server. Further, with the help of this app, one can even alter the behavior of the application.

Those who think that the app is not secure or there are chances of the information breach, then time for them to think again. Built on the Raspberry Pi 3 platform, the app provides a secure connection to the authorized apps as well as data. The app also supports Citrix Ready workspace hub. This allows the users to cast all their session to a hub. Though this feature is disabled by default but one can enable it easily from the app. In case, you come across any glitch or difficulty in using the app, the support team of the app is always there to lend a helping hand.


Considering the description and features, one might believe that the app is quite technical to use. However, contradictory to their belief, the app is quite simple and easy regarding usage. There are prompt guides everywhere in the app to help the first-timers. Further, the interface of the app is easy to navigate, thereby, ensuring that the use of the app is simple and convenient. The elegant design adds to the easy usability of the Citrix Receiver app.

The Bottom Line

There are times when you wish to work from your home or from a place other than your cubicle. However, it’s the presence of particular applications and documents on your office system that discourages you from doing so. But not anymore! With the Citrix Receiver installed on your smart device, you can work from anywhere by accessing your office system directly on your smartphone or tablet. It casts the content of your office system on your device, thereby allowing you to gain access to documents and applications resting on it. It’s Citrix Receiver that brings you the convenience of working from anywhere.

How To Get App

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