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To err is human. So in case you forgot your device somewhere or lost it, don’t panic. Avail assistance of Android Device Manager for locating your device. The technological advancement has ensured that you don’t lose your device. However, if it is stolen or damaged to the core, there is a possibility that you might not locate it. The Android Device Manager app tracks the location of your device, and furnishes crucial information, for securing it as quickly as possible.

Android Device Manager will work seamlessly if you have logged in with a Google account on your lost device. You will log in with this Google account credentials. The app will utilize email address to identify the exact location. Further, the GPS should be enabled for tracking purpose.


Android Device Manager works on the basic idea of tracking the location. For this purpose, GPS should be enabled on the device. The satellite communication identifies the current location. The app will display the map, showing directions and estimate time required to reach the avenue. Google email account is used for accessing Google suite available on Android devices. Use this email address in Android Device Manager app to connect the dots.

The app furnishes information about the lost device. If the device is active, the app will update the “Last Seen” status in real-time. If the device is switched off, the last tracked location will be shown on the map. Android Device Manager depicts battery levels and internet connectivity of the lost device. Once you are in the vicinity of the device, as shown by the app, play the sound by clicking the “Play Sound” icon on the app. The sound will play continuously for five minutes. You can mute it by pressing the power button on the device.

If it is still not traceable, lock the device by setting up a password. This will secure your data against theft and misuse. You can further add a customized message showcasing relevant information like your name and mobile number. There is a provision for completely erasing data on your device.


Android Device Manager app is beneficial for locating Android devices including smartphone, tablet, or watch. The device stores contacts, personal information, classified information, important data, and other relevant stuff. As these gadgets influence our lifestyle in a significant manner, we cannot afford to lose them.

Android Device Manager proves worthy in this case. You just need to log in to your Google email address to track the location of your device. As you can manage mobile data with this app, you can prevent data misuse.

The Bottom Line

Installing Android Device Manager becomes mandatory for locating a lost device. This is the simplest way of spearheading your search in the right direction. You can secure data against theft and misuse by either setting up a lock or erasing it completely. An active Google email account is a must for successful tracking of the device.

The lost device should have sufficient battery so that it could be tracked in real-time. If the device is damaged or switched off, it will be difficult to track the exact location. Android Device Manager app works with Android smartphones and tablets running on Android 4.0 and above.

How To Get App

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