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  • Version: 1.0.7620
  • Size: 8.9M
  • Author: Amino Apps
  • Language: English
  • Rating: 4.8
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Amino is a social networking application that allows the user to connect with a network of communities and explore the various topics that a person is interested in. It provides a platform for the user to discover and obsess over various contents and events with other people who have similar interests.

The communities are referred to as ‘Amino’, and each amino is a collection of musical groups that identify in a certain similar way. The application is suitable for ages 12 and above because of its content which includes mild simulated gambling and references to nudity, alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. There are also horror themes, crude humor, and violence which make it unsuitable for children below 12 years of age.


With the Amino app, you can find and scan groups for whatever you're enthusiastic about. The app allows you to connect with like-minded individuals around the world and share exchange thoughts regarding any topic of interest. The app has recordings and blogs that you can read, and it also has an option to bookmark the content that you would want to share with the others.

You can also post your own journals on the web through this app and conduct surveys. Through this app, you will be well aware of the latest developments and recent information about your interests. There is an option where you can customize your profile on this app and have followers who read the data that you post, for information regarding your topics of interest. There are unlimited communities that you can join without any restrictions. The app contains all the elements of a social media ecosystem.

You can chat with people across the globe, share pictures through your profile, comment and like to voice your opinion on a certain matter and do micro-blogging as well. Also, each Amino or community has their own Wiki; this means that the members of a certain group can submit data and then the other people viewing that data can decide whether the content is accurate and should stay or be removed. What’s best is that there is no hidden Google access, unlike most other apps.


There are separate apps for separate communities, the anime one being the most famous of the lot. The desktop version of the app is poor making it accessible only through the app on the smartphones. The previews that can be accessed on the desktops only show the post that is most popular in that particular community and gives no idea about the massive activity that actually takes place through the app.

The Bottom Line

The app is of great appeal to specific communities who use it without any hesitation. Through this app, you can access an endless stream of your particular fandom and connect with different clients similarly as geeky as you, so there's no compelling reason to feel unsure about examining the leisure activity to the point of obsession. It is better than the other groups on Facebook or Reddit because it is fresh and has not been discovered by the older individuals yet who tend to be slightly orthodox about situations and events. The CEO of Amino, Ben Anderson, is 26 years old himself, making this app the perfect one for the younger generation who rely on smartphones more than the computer.

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