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Adobe Acrobat Reader is the most trusted free application for viewing, reading, and loading of pdf files. With this app you can open the documents, sent through attachments in emails or get from any website present in the form of PDF’s quickly and efficiently, providing each user to scroll in and out through the file. And also to search for the words in long files which they find it difficult to search for. Large documents which are difficult to read in MS word can be converted to the PDF format with the help of Adobe Acrobat Reader.


The application being free of cost gives it’s a user a platform of highlights which they can enjoy thoroughly through the use of it. Users can easily operate the PDF files from Email, web and any other application in a convenient manner giving options like scroll which help the users to move the entire file up and down and also zoom in and out option which gives its users an understanding of enhancing the text and images by zooming in making it clearer.

Notes can also be made on Adobe Acrobat Reader with the feature of sticky notes, wherein the user can stick a note just like a piece of paper on the page required. The drawing tool is also one of the best things to use while doing a thorough reading of the text written in the PDF files where the users can underline and select the appropriate text according to their comfort. For official documents, Adobe Acrobat Reader makes its users to sign the files with a unique feature called e-sign where the users can make use of their fingers to sign the text. Forms for any related work can also be filled by filling each topic manually wherein the person needs to write the text in the space being provided to them.  


The Adobe Acrobat Reader can be installed for free of cost on the mobile phones as well as on the computers giving complete support to its users where they can print their long documents in a convenient manner without causing any trouble to them. The app allows you to do things such as sharing and sending of the files are also possible so that any file can be read from anywhere and also can be loaded and edited according to the need of the user.

Features like creating of PDF files is also a great medium wherein all the large bulky document files can be converted into easy and accessible pdf files making sure that everything is simplified and used to the best. The application comes in different languages giving a whole wide spectrum of understanding to the users for both readings as well as conversions of the PDF files.

The Bottom Line

This application is recommended to all the users because it is the most appropriate application for students, teachers, professionals and workers of different organizations where they can easily import and export their files.

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