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With the AAA Mobile app on your device, you will never be stranded on the road again. This beneficial app never offers before experienced assistance to registered customers anywhere and at any time. You can even earn reward points and purchase repair tools from the app to help make your drive safer and more convenient. Through the app, you can also find directions to high standard Diamond Rated and AAA Approved restaurants, hotels, and other destinations. You can even create trip routes on your mobile or desktop and share them easily. Use the app and earn point to gain discounts for any of the services offered by AAA, including hotel and restaurant bookings, vehicle repairs, roadside assistance, and so more.


AAA is one of the most used apps by drivers in the United States and for a good reason. They offer a lot regarding assistance, repair work, and overall guidance when your vehicle breaks down. With the help of the AAA Mobile app, you can quickly and correctly find shelter including the 59,000+ Diamond Rated and AAA Approved restaurants, hotels, and more. Looking for a place to stop for a quick bite or to rest at night? Use the app to find the closest hotel and book the rooms you want - before you even reach. Or do you just want a rental car and don't know where to find one? The AAA Mobile app offers you some of the most affordable and reliable rented cars. It doesn't matter what the service is, the AAA Mobile app helps you save a lot of cash when booking a room at a hotel, a car, or other services at any of the 164,000+ locations around the country. Let others know where you're going by creating trip routes and sharing them with friends and family. You can even share your created trips between mobile and desktop. Use the app to locate the closest repair facilities and offices AAA have to offer so you can always get the best deals as a customer. You can even find the cheapest gas near you through the app.


AAA has always been a major name in the roadside assistance game and their mobile app has helped enhance that quality and performance. Now you can instantly book a tow, get your vehicle's battery replaced, or even find great hotels with the app. With over 164,000 different locations around the country, you will never have to face roadside troubles again. Always be prepared by creating convenient routes to your destination before you leave your home and share them between devices. Majority of the features found in the app can be accessed with a single touch.

The Bottom Line

No other roadside assistance app offers the kind of service AAA Mobile does which makes it a favorite in the United States. Its popularity and performance are also determining factors behind it immense popularity. We know how unsafe it is to be stranded on the side of a deserted road with an engine that just doesn't want to start. AAA offers unmatched assistance to your vehicle at any time and at any location within a few minutes. Apart from vehicle assistance, the app offers hotel and restaurant bookings along with a towing service, cheap gas location, battery replacement, and more. If you are someone who drives a lot, the AAA Mobile app is definitely something you should have on your mobile device.

How To Get App

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