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1Weather should be your foremost preference for confronting latest weather patterns at your place or anywhere around the globe. Featuring stunning background and well-organized information, you can rely on the 1Weather app for accurate weather updates. Whether you are planning a weekend picnic with your friends or your wedding anniversary dinner after six weeks; check out weather forecast on 1Weather to assure pleasant weather conditions. 
Instant weather alerts on your smartphone keep you on toes every time so that your schedule doesn’t mess up. You can change the location or feed multiple places at once. Weather updates from National Weather Service (NWS) are constantly available on the 1Weather app. Attention to minute aspects makes 1Weather app one of the most reliable weather apps for users. 


1Weather app furnishes current weather conditions and future weather forecasts. Everything revolves around these two aspects only. When we talk about current conditions, it will showcase temperature, wind speed & direction, humidity, dew point, visibility, precipitation chances, and so on. The conditions are updated every hour. Thus, you can rely on current condition updates from 1Weather. Future weather forecasts are available in detail for 1.5 days, extended forecasts for up to 10 days, and 12-week future weather conditions. The 12-week forecast is known as PRECISIONCAST, rendered by meteorologist Gary Lezak. 

In addition to your present location, you can simultaneously get weather updates for up to 12 locations. These updates are available in different formats including graphs, maps, facts, videos, and so on. For interactive insights, maps serve as a reliable format. Keep yourself safe during rough weather conditions by checking out severe weather alerts from NWS. Also, ensure your friends and family members are safe. The 1Weather app allows email and social sharing of weather updates. 

The weather parameters are depicted in different units. For example, the temperature is denoted in Fahrenheit and Celsius. The sun & moon movements are also available on the 1Weather app. You can avail information about sunrise and sunset timings, lunar moon phases, and so on.


The 1Weather app is beneficial for everyone. You can use it for personal as well as professional purposes. Whenever you plan to go out or you are planning an event, the 1Weather app will ensure accurate weather updates so that you can take feasible decisions. Severe weather conditions can be devastating. The app furnishes reliable predictions from NWS so that you can take optimum steps to mitigate losses when the weather is rough. The fascinating design of 1Weather app looks refreshing. You will enjoy browsing through various features offered in the app. 

The Bottom Line

A lot depends on weather conditions. When you have access to a reliable source for weather forecasting services, you should not think twice before installing it. 1Weather app encompasses all crucial parameters necessary in a weather forecasting app. The dynamic and stunning photo backgrounds enhance the aesthetic appeal of the app. 

As it is available in multiple languages, it is used extensively around the globe. To experience the unrestricted use of the 1Weather app, consider making in-app purchases. The app incorporates display advertisements, but it doesn’t hamper user experience. The app version adjusts itself according to the Android OS version and technical prowess of the device. 

How To Get App

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